Bizarro-Lois Lane

    Character » Bizarro-Lois Lane appears in 103 issues.

    The Bizarro World's doppelganger of Lois Lane.

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    The opposite in comparison to her earth double. Lois Lane used Lex Luthor's duplicator machine to have someone for Bizarro to fall in love with. Much like his earth Bizarro and Bizarro Lois found a planet whose population was wiped out because of an unknown disaster and they decided to make their home there. When Bizarro Lois became lonely, Bizarro created a duplicate machine to make hundreds of Bizarro Lois's. When all the Bizarro Lois's wanted the attention of Bizarro he then created hundreds of Bizarro's.

    Bizarro-Lois Lane becomes Stupor-Woman in Adventure Comics #288.


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