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    Where else could the world’s greatest alternative cartoonists run rampant through the DC Universe in utterly unhinged stories? Bizarro, an imperfect duplicate of Superman who does everything backward, tries drawing comics, concocting stories in which Wonder Woman participates in a poetry slam, baby Superman torments his baby-sitter...and that’s just the start! This deluxe edition collects the two anthology titles Bizarro Comics and Bizarro World, with a cover by the legendary creator of The Simpsons, Matt Groening! Includes stories and art by acclaimed creators including Kyle Baker, Jeff Smith, Ivan Brunetti, Paul Pope, Hunt Emerson, Carol Lay, Roger Langridge, Mark Crilley, Dave Cooper, Eddie Campbell, Tony Millionaire, James Kochalka, Harvey Pekar, Peter Bagge, and many more!

    Chapter Titles

    • Bizarre Wars, Part One
      • Bizarro X-Ray One
      • Bizarro X-Ray Two
      • Bizarro X-Ray Three
    • Super-Pets
    • Green Lantern in "The Afterthoughts"
    • The Bat-Man
    • Captain Marvel and the Sham Shazam
    • Letitia Lerner, Superman's Babysitter
    • Aquaman in "Silence of the Fishes"
    • Aquaman in "Porcine Panic"
    • The Metal Men in "The Tinocchio Syndrome"
    • Wonder Girl vs. Wonder Tot
    • Hawkman in "The Egg-Napper"
    • The GL Corps: The Few, the Proud
    • Supergirl and Mary Marvel in "The Clubhouse of Solitude"
    • Kamandi: The Last Band on Earth
    • Help! Superman!
    • Aquaman in "The Man Who Cried Fish"
    • Wonder Woman in "One-Piece, Two-Piece, Red Piece, Blue Piece"
    • Bats Outa Heck
    • Who Erased the Eraser?
    • The Atom in "First Contact"
    • The Batman in "Inside the Batcave"
    • Solomon Grundy: Bored On a Monday
    • The Most Bizarre Bizarro of All!
    • The World's Finest Team in "That's Really Super, Superman!"
    • The J'onn J'onzz Celebrity Roast
    • Wonder Woman's Day Off
    • Unknown Challenges of the Challengers of the Unknown
    • Without You, I'm Nothing
    • Bizarre Wars, Part Two


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