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    The beast known as Bison.
    The beast known as Bison.

    Billy Kitson was a neighborhood star because of his basketball skills. Billy was the pride of the neighborhood and was on the fast track to fame and fortune. He had the looks, the talent and a good woman by his side named Shamari Aseery. He went to college on a full scholarship and was tagged as an early pick for the pro draft. His life turned sour during one basketball game when an opposing forward tripped and hurt Billy's leg. His leg never healed properly and his pro aspects vanished. Billy walked out on Shamari and hasn't been seen for awhile. Billy apparently made a deal with the Egyption god Seth and was transformed into the powerful Bison. He would be employed to steal a canister of Inferno 42 from a SHIELD convoy but was thwarted from an old neighborhood friend, Luke Cage. Bison flees the scene and fails to secure the canister of Inferno 42. SHIELD agent DePaul came to the Avengers mansion to seek assistance because Cage was wanted for questioning for knowing the assailant Bison. The SHIELD agents provided Thunderstrike with a homing device that would lead him to Cage. Cage was planning to catch Bison by surprise when he came back to the neighborhood to look in on Shamari. Thunderstrike finds Cage and tries to apprehend him for questioning but his interference allowed Bison to duck down an alley. Thunderstrike and Cage would work together when they learned that Agent DePaul was proceeding with a top secret SHIELD operation called Project Sinkhole. The plan was to bury the cylinder of Inferno 42 deep inside the sub-levels of an abandoned SHIELD headquarters in New York. Agent DePaul inside a Mandroid suit intercepted Cage and Thunderstrike when Bison appears with Quicksand and Mongoose.

    Bison just wanted to get the canister and felt their was no need to waste the other guys. Bison was struck by Agent DePaul while Mongoose and Quicksand engaged Thunderstrike and Cage. During the fight SHIELD Agent 22 continued with Project Sinkhole and placed the canister inside an elevator that was hooked to the underground track. Meanwhile Shamari had followed Cage into the underground complex to search for Billy and heard the fighting up ahead. Bison was struck down by Agent DePaul and was gonna get blasted in the face when Cage interfered. Bison got up and realized that his old friend Cage risked his life for him. During the distraction, DePaul knocked Bison through a wall and he landed next to Shamari. Shamari saw the monster and realized that it was Billy. She screamed and ran away while Bison tried to calm her down. Bison smashed DePaul's armored suit and chased after Shamari. SHIELD Agent 22 opened the floodgates once the canister hit sub-level zero and water began to fill the tunnels. Bison caught up to Shamari and saw her in Quicksand's grip. Bison realized he should have never walked out on Shamari and associated himself with two dangerous criminals like Mongoose and Quicksand. He felt used and had enough so he struck Quicksand from behind with a metal pipe. Bison then smacked his hands together causing a windburst that splattered Quicksand's sandy body across the corridor. DePaul was about to attack Bison from behind when the water crashed into the tunnels. Thunderstrike broke through a wall allowing everyone to escape. DePaul found out that Project Sinkhole was a success and allowed Bison and the rest of the heroes go free. Cage and Thunderstrike left the scene with Bison and Shamari back together again.


    Bison was created by Ron Frenz in 1994 and first appeared in Thunderstrike # 13.

    Story Arcs

    Masters of Evil

    Bison would later join the Crimson Cowl's Masters of Evil and help install numerous weather modulators all around the globe. He only joined to gain enough money to change back to normal and become a good husband to Shamari. The Crimson Cowl and the rest of the Masters of Evil would be defeated by the Thunderbolts.

    Bison would be an inmate inside the Negative Zone Prison 42. Bison would be used alongside Condor to help Star-Lord communicate with Mantis telepathically to bring the other Guardians of the Galaxy help defend the prison against Blastaar and his horde. A few weeks later, the Initiative lead an assault to reclaim Prison 42 from Blastaar while he was busy dealing with the war with the Cancerverse. Bison was shown being returned to his cell.

    Powers & Abilities

    Bison possesses superhuman strength, durability and resistance to injury. His skin and hide is very tough and is resistant to small caliber firearms. Bison uses his horns to charge and gore his enemies.


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