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    Bismoll is the home planet of Matter Eater Lad, a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes, Schlagg-Man, a deceased member of the Sinestro Corps, and Calorie Queen, a rejected Legion applicant.

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    Due to a deadly microbial permeation of Bismoll's environment, all organic matter was rendered poisonous, and thus inedible by the native population. Through bio-genetic engineering, the inhabitants of Bismoll gained the ability to consume and digest all forms of matter, thus ensuring their survival.

    The government of Bismoll is a representative democracy. Instead of making a personal bid for office, candidates for the Presidency and the Senate are drafted, and then voted upon, by the people, to hold office. Bills to enact legislative change in Bismoll's government are argued over in the Senate, but, ultimately, it is the President who reserves the right to ingest the bill into law. Bismoll switched to a computer run economy, but abandoned the idea after the computers, along with their proxy, Pulsar Stargrave, briefly, took over the planet. Order was restored by Matter Eater Lad and The Legion of Substitute Heroes.

    In order to keep the populace from literally consuming all planetary resources, weight control legislation has been enacted, monitored by mandatory weigh stations, and enforced by Bismoll's Calorie Police. Calorie Police also cast an ever watchful eye for citizens who occasionally attempt to eat the native flora, which is inevitably deadly.

    Due to a tragic allergic reaction to Bismollian pollen, Fire Lad, of the Legion of Substitute Heroes was inadvertently responsible for creating an area on Bismoll that came to be known as "The 50 Mile Inferno".


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