Problem with Time Travel

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Ok, so I have a hard time buying into this whole Messiah Complex thing with Bishop trying to kill this little girl.

  • If Bishop is from the Future, he should have known who she is an been able to to kill her mother before she was born and the X-Men even became aware of her existance.
  • Bishop could have also traveled to that point in time and taken care of this before way back in his first appearance. I mean he knew it was eventually coming. Why didn't he try to stop it from happening sooner?
  • Now that he knows exactly where and when she was born, why not just go back in time now and stop it from happening?
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For the first 2, it is possible that she didnt make her appearence known until her later years,teens-early 20's. Also her entire family and city was destroyed so she would have no idea what her real name was and when she introduced herself she would have gone under an assumed name and not her natural name so no one would no where she came from not even her. Also since he came from a post-apocolyptic future, the reports on the destruction of her home town could have been lost in the war.

For the third. He might not know the exact date/place she was born. I son't think anyone ever actually stated that information around him. If he does know, then the only thing keeping him from going back in time is the writers wanting to draw this out and them praying no one notices how a time traveler isn't using time travel to fix his problem.
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Because then we couldn't have this crappy crossover and completely derail all of Bishop's character development over the past 20 years.  :-D


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