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Birthday bear was born from star dust along with his 9 other brothers and sisters. Together they formed what the world now knows as “The Care Bears”. Each bear has a special design imprinted on their tummies which help them bring about happiness and fun. Birthday bear is yellow with a white circle on his tummy. In this circle there is a colored cupcake with a single candle. Whenever Birthday bear is around , he brings happiness   to any birthday, and he can decorate a party in a instant when his cupcake gets activated. He enjoys bringing happiness by sending a deep yellow beam from his tummy decorating the area with cakes, streamers, and party stuff. When all of this is in place, it’s said that Birthday bear can really get the “party started”.

Birthday bear enjoys bringing happiness associated with parties to anyone. Fun loving, cake eating, party having, live-it-up bear is truly the essence of celebration. If there is a Birthday around, this bear is one to have.


In the year 1981, Birthday bear’s name was being whispered in the stars and the Care Bears began to appear written on cards for people to enjoy. Artist Elena Kucharik gave the shape and faces of the Care bears. It can be truly said that she gave form to what the Care bears are today. The names of his family are: Tenderheart, Good Luck, Bedtime, Wish, Cheer, Love-a-lot, Friend, Grumpy, and Funshine Bear’s. Together they had many adventures; bringing happiness and joy to everyone they met. It wasn’t till March of 1983 before the bears where brave enough to start exploring the world they had come to. Still shy and with ties to the stars above, the Care bear family along with Birthday Bear live on clouds.  

Team Care Bear was soon to unit with their cousins, and have many many adventures. Their legacy was immortalized by humans in many ways. Movies, TV shows, games, and plush toys of them made their way into the open arms of the human children.

In 1985 Birthday bear went and filmed “The Care Bears Movie” with his family. It was such a sensation that they later did several more movies together. Despite all this success, Birthday bear remained ever vigilant to throw a birthday party at a moment’s notice.

In all the Care Bears generated 2 billion dollars in sales for American Greetings in the mid 80’s. The exposure in the Thanksgiving Day Macy’s parade in the 80’s was a dream come true for him. Birthday bear along with the rest of the Care Bears were immortalized in comic books by DC Comic’s artist Howard Post which were published by Marvel Star Comics in 1989. Like any good artist, Birthday Bear made several children albums singing some of his greatest hits, “Be a Bear”, “Give A Little Huggin”, “Ten Cozy Bears”, and the ever popular “Care Bears Countdown”.

After a demanding decade of plush toy modeling, recording in the cave, and writing his memoires, Birthday bear took a well deserved nap for several years.


Almost 6 years later Birthday bear awoke and found something called the Internet. He was able to network with the rest of his bear family, which now numbered 38 different Care Bears, and came into being.   Next thing he knew he was back hard at work recapturing all the lives that he had touched. Another movie deal, more toys, and something called CGI helped him and the rest of the Care Bears make a comeback. He continues to recapture the hearts and minds of the young human adults that grew up with him and his family.

Birthday bear was glad to help making millions of children happy, and continues to this day modeling new TV shows, and movie shorts ready to share his Birthday values.    


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