A Comic Based TV Show That Actually Had Potential

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I recently picked up a copy of the short lived Birds of Prey TV show at Walmart for under $20. When the show originally aired almost eight years ago I was only able to see the first handful of episodes (just less than half of the series) due to tutoring a classmate. So I was very excited to finally see the complete series. When I rewatched the aired pilot I was completely dumbfounded at how much the shots reminded me of comic panels. The feel is something that I think a lot of comic based movies/shows try to accomplish but fail at executing properly. BOP was not one of them. 
While the series had a few semi-cringe worthy moments (especially the ending of the second to last episode), for the most part it was quality comic based TV. The dialogue reminded me of the comics, the acting was believable, the storylines kept my interest, and the atmosphere was accurate. I really think The WB dropped the ball when they let this one go. It had great potential all around, and who knows where it could have gone!

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Sorry, but there is already a thread dedicated to the BoP TV Show.

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