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Bullet Points Review: Explosive Issue

  • This is truly an explosive issue
  • Art: Excellent. Very fresh and the girls continue to look awesome.
  • Enter: Poison Ivy. She has to do some antics to actually prove herself. Dinah persists she should join while Starling rejects the "walking salad"....:D Well, there are some light moments here and there providing nice comic relief.
  • Story: I think the direction where the story is taking the birds of prey is quite unique and is now getting damn interesting.
  • The issue does come out as a bit short as it ends at a very unexpected situation. However you just cant guess what happens next and thats what I am liking about this series right now.
  • I am hooked. Overall: 4.5. The extra 0.5 for the twist in the middle and the hard twist at the end... There is a little bit in between this issue that ties in to the kissing in the issue #1!!!! -> I didnt guess this one was coming....
  • Value for money: 100%

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