Birds of Prey #27

    Birds of Prey » Birds of Prey #27 - Officer Down -- Part Three: Armed and Dangerous released by DC Comics on March 1, 2001.

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    "Officer Down," Part 3. While her father clings to life, Oracle gathers Batman's allies: Nightwing, Robin, Azrael, and Batgirl. Their mission: capture Catwoman before the police find her. But the search for Catwoman leads them into an unexpected trap.


    Batman instructs the other heroes of Gotham to find Catwoman - even if she didn't shoot Gordon, she probably knows who did. Batman himself tells Oracle that he will stay with James Gordon, despite all her protests that he should be helping find the gunman. He is unmoved, and Oracle sends the others out on a mission to some of Catwoman's former associates, who are 'persuaded' to give them the location of Catwoman's probable target for the night.

    Alfred visits Gordon's bedside to see if he can be of any help or comfort to Batman, but is completely ignored. Meanwhile, Chief Akins announces his temporary promotion to the rest of the department, the heroes watch Catwoman attempt entry to the Burnett museum, and Officers Rich and Lowell try to find some witnesses to the absolutely no avail.

    At the museum, the heroes defeat the robber's henchmen, and move in on the woman, only to discover that it is not Catwoman at all, but a disguised Harley Quinn. She tells them that Catwoman is not responsible for the shooting but is in hiding, in fear of her life. She decides to tell them where Catwoman is on condition that they won't hurt her feline pal.

    Officer Down continues in Catwoman #90


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