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    Not a good start

    This will be the first issue of newest writer Christy Marx on this book. I really like Marx's writing in Sword of Sorcery, its just full of ideas and original content that is very easy to be fascinated by the world she created herself, so this first issue has been nothing short of a disappointment.

    One thing to notice is that Christy took this gig in fairly controversial circumstances that much likely didnt gave her enough time to work on this script but it doesnt come as a justification of the quality.


    without actually giving spoilers the entire plot can be summarized in "Mr Freeze attacks the Birds of Prey" and thats pretty much it, the reason of the attack is of course because Mr Freeze is hunting the Talons and since there is a new Talon in the team, well it seems logical but it is enterily explain by the cover and the phrase "Mr Freeze Demands Revenge!" and it just never gets deeper than that.

    Also it doesnt seem well justified, we dont know how he finds the BoP, much less how the hell he knows that they are working with a Talon, it all works as a set up for the eventual fight scene and never gets really interesting.


    One of the greatest points of the previous writer of BoP was character interactions, whenever 2 or more characters talk to each other it was always interesting and memorable, here is not so much. It is not that the dialog is bad, is just boring and for the most part it exposit of what happen in the past few issues. This is a big issue if you actually read the last few issues because its just serving no purpose at all and doesnt advance the plot.

    The Best Part of the Issue

    There is a great character moment with Dinah here where she just have a conversation with another character to kind of resolve what exactly she should do next, it is a short but well executed.

    The Worst Part of the Issue

    Ok this will be a pretty nerdy rant here

    Personally I have a huge problem with the character of the Talon Mary.

    Of all the Talons that appeared in the Night of Owls, Mary was the most weird, the reason is because all the Talon work under the exact same rules, they all have similar motivations though different personalities and all have the same abilities and they all serve the court.

    Except for Mary, the other Talons were more like Servants of the Court, while with Mary she was more like was an Slave of the Court, and it doesnt help that she is mute because with that she cant communicate, she doesnt express emotions or desires so her whole presence in this book feels out of place, she is more like an animal and not a human character.

    And another great thing about the Talons is that they are killing machines, they are literally monsters and the way snyder created them with rules on how they work, The Talons are humans that die then they get pumped with an special liquid and with that they can move and keep on serving the court, they are practically zombies.

    And then Here we get this panels

    No Caption Provided



    They feel hunger?

    The Talons EAT?!


    ok this might as well be a nitpick, but it is really distracting to me. THE TALONS ARE NOT ALIVE!

    They do not have bodily functions, their hearts dont beat, their veins have no blood, they dont feel pain or need to sleep and they dont need FOOD.

    The act of eating requires it to be digested, the proteins and other stuff are absorbed by the body to give it energy, but the Talons have no circulation, they cannot absorb anything and I Imagine they cant digest anything either, and they dont need that energy because the liquid in their bodies gives them the energy they need and allow them to move.

    Thats the entire point of them and this is not new information and I dont know if Marx just didnt knew this or if the editor changed something but this was a huge problem to me


    Overall BoP 18 is a mixed bag, there is really nothing worth reading here unless you are a big fan of Mr Freeze and not even that is that impressive.

    I think the biggest strenght of Marx as a writer is how she develops a plot and creates new elements for an story but it is obvious that she is not being allowed to do either of those things here and the entire plot is editorially mandated

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