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    Things get ugly as The Birds of Prey are trapped in a cunning puzzle box of a skyscraper, pursued by a nightmarish killer who holds all the cards, leaving only the Huntress, the reluctant aide of Renee Montoya, The Question to free them! And what effect does the death of Oracle have on the team as they race to escape from hell?



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    What lurks in the dark, stays in the dark! 0

    Birds of Prey #13 Manhunter fans rejoice! Marc Andreyko is writing the next two issues of Birds of Prey and Kate Spencer will be in it! Finally I've waited long enough to see her again I love her so much!!! OK SO Huntress is gonna work with Question to try and save Dinah, Dawn, Zinda, and Hank from that building where JUNIOR is. Apparantly Junior seems to be this thing everyone is like afraid of and no one can stop. So Junior wounds Dawn very badly and Dinah blasts her with her sonic cry but tha...

    5 out of 5 found this review helpful.

    Oracle's Twelve 0

    Last time we left the Birds of Prey, they were in the midst of a daring heist-like infiltration of a mysterious building in Gotham. Things have quickly turned south for our favourite ladies in capes; is this their final flight?The GoodSimone did a great job of conveying the fear that follows around Junior; like I mentioned last issue, it was almost an "Oh, s&*@" moment when she was revealed, and that carried over to this week. A certain line about Junior striking to maim or disfigure fit rig...

    7 out of 8 found this review helpful.

    Thank you Gail Simone for the second run 0

    Synopsis: The birds come across the dangerous Junior. Can Huntress and Question come save them in time? What's Good? This is what I like to see. All of the members having some purpose even if it's small. Huntress has been taking the spotlight recently, (which is explained why near the end) which is not necessarily bad, but it makes some of the other members seem not needed: Zinda, Dinah, Hawk, and Dove particularly. Dinah finally steps back in the spotlight as she takes on Junior, a very dangero...

    4 out of 4 found this review helpful.
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