Birds of Prey #108

    Birds of Prey » Birds of Prey #108 - Whitewater Epilogue: Swan Song released by DC Comics on September 2007.

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    Oracle tracks down Misfit's parents - but only after a knockdown, drag-out fight with Spy Smasher for control of the Birds of Prey!

    After dealing with the Secret Six, the mission of retrieving Ice being successful and bringing her into the care of an old friend (Fire) who's a part of Checkmate, Huntress and Manhunter (Who had a slight spat with Spy Smasher en-route) and the rest of the Birds come back to Base.

    Convinced she has full custody of the 'Operatives of Oracle', Spy Smasher waltzes into The Maiden Tower with Huntress and Manhunter to Oracle's presence. Spy Smasher goes over the line with some remarks and sets Manhunter off and eventually Oracle and Spy Hunter have a One on One hand to hand combat.

    Both pretty roughed up, Spy Smasher gets up and heads for the roof exit, opening the door. Looking back to Oracle, She makes note aloud that Oracle's 'Friends' have deserted her and by tomorrow they will all belong to her.

    Opening the door wider, She turns back and sees the large group of superheros, not too happy and Huntress stating that perhaps Spy Hunter had said her statement prematurely. After the shock, Black Canary appears and explains that this was a strike against her taking over The Birds of Prey and those connected to it as well. After a bit of friendly idle 'injuring promises' from Black Canary if Spy Smasher tried anything against them, mainly Oracle again and did not strike the woman from her memory, Canary sends her off with Lady Blackhawk to drop her off for some medical attention.

    Two hours later, Huntress, Oracle, Lady Blackhawk and Black Canary sit about eating Chinese take out while exchanging old stories. Canary invites the others with she and Huntress for a night on the town in Metropolis but Oracle and Lady Blackhawk have a little errand to run; Finding and clearing up the truth of the girl behind Misfit to eventually allow the orphan girl to stay with her.


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