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No more heels 0

Even before the Birds of Prey are officially a team, a party or parties of unknown are out to kill them. But the new Birds won’t have any of that.The Good:High Heels: This book impresses me first and foremost with the complete lack of sexy costumes. I greatly appreciate that. Black Canary’s costume still looks like Black Canary’s costume, but this time, it actually looks like it could hold up in fight. Well done.Nei Ruffino: Nei Ruffino colours this book. I am madly in love with her work and I c...

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New Birds On the Block 0

The Birds of Prey are back and as many people have noticed, they seemed to have changed a lot. Do these changes affect the story at all or is it still fun girl kicking butt comic?  THE GOOD: The art is really good. I think that it makes the story look more like Gotham and I really think this artist did a good job. I like this comic because I didn't have to read to much of a character before I knew I liked them. I really think that this was a good introduction for the Birds. I really liked Barbra...

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Damned Tattoos & Blue Fishnets 0

Overview   Ornithologists beware, the Birds.. are back.. and they are... back.. and stuff. This is another one of the DCnU 52 books, that has characters on the cover that do not actually appear in the book, but that's okay. Book starts fast and that pace is keep at such for most of the issue. Most of the issue focuses on Black Canary and my totally favorite new character of right now, Starling. (its the tattoos, sass factor and the hair) but one very famous and popular Bird of Prey character fro...

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DC's femme fatale team take off again... 0

"Birds of Prey" #1 relaunches DC's team of femme fatales this time without  Oracle or Huntress, both personal favorites of mine. Black Canary takes center stage in a story that jumps head first into the action. The issue doesn't feel like a new book. It feels like a new chapter. It's assumed that we are familiar with the characters with the exception of a civilian reporter named Charlie Keen who finds himself caught in the middle of a huge donnybrook. We get a flashback appearance by Barbara Go...

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The Good: From the solicit, I thought for sure this was going to trample all over BoP history, starting the team fresh. While it was perfectly accessible to new readers, it doesn't ignore its roots. Black Canary is seen trying to recruit founding member Barbara Gordon, and Canary herself is still on the run for allegedly killing a man. This is explained enough to make it feel like it's just setting the scene for new readers, and is a great reassurance for old readers. While some girls have been ...

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Birds of Pray 0

This is another series where I am DC's intended audience - someone who never read Birds of Prey before.  So I don't know if it's suffering for a lack of Gail Simone or have any other feelings towards the book.  In fact, other than a cameo by Barbara Gorden that establishes that she knows the characters, I don't know any of the characters in this book.  So it was their job to make me care about Starling and Black Canary.It's definitely a good action comic.  Almost from the beginning there's a hug...

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Birds of Hey this is nothing like the Birds 0

Unimpressed.let's talk about the cover... It shows the team that's going to eventually form, but they're not in the book. They instead tell how this team is now forming and it's forming at the hands of Canary rather than Babs... They're now a bunch of mercs pretty much rather than what they were beforeIf you were a fan of the book before... well this isn't the same book. It's not the same characters, background, or anything like that. They are throwing together of now anti-heroes that are all fe...

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"What are you Thinking Mr. Keen?" 0

This book has potential I give it that. It has strong female leads and a writer new to DC, but has shaped his narrative over at Marvel with Gritty books like Punisher.  This series I would classify as crime and espionage.  So if strong female leads and that type of genre is your cup of tea, then this might be a series you should check out.  I'll be honest I was not sold on the first issue and since I don't read solicits, I don't understand why Poison Ivy is on the cover.  Is it Ivy?  I will admi...

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Superheroes and Churches Never Seem to Mix Well 0

Duane Swierczynski and Jesus Saiz reinvent the Birds of Prey as a group of women caught in a conspiracy thriller in this new series, trying to remake the team almost from scratch due to the loss of Oracle from the DC Universe. It is a well done effort in its own right but seems unlikely to win over the fanbase of the former Birds of Prey.Swiercynski starts the story off with events already in progress and immediately starts giving readers questions. However, this isn't actually a bad thing. They...

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The New Birds of Prey 0

Synopsis: Black Canary takes the role of assembling a new Birds of Prey.What's Good?This is not the Birds of Prey I know, and that's a huge statement coming from me. I was very reluctant to buy this book, because it was missing one of its central cast member: Oracle. How exactly was this group going to function? I'm not that familiar with Duane Swierczynski writing other than Psylocke, but makes Black Canary the central character for this series. She's still framed for a murder, but she still wa...

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Birds Of A Feather 0

The Story: Someone is paying a man to tail Black Canary and Starling who are aware of it and  end up using the man as a pawn to lure the unknown person(s) out into the open.  My Thoughts:When this series was first announced I hadn't planned on picking it up. I wasn't crazy over the lineup. I understood there would be no Oracle as she's back to being Batgirl, but when they took away Huntress as well I felt this series just couldn't be as good as it once was. Black Canary was still not he team wit...

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Recruit another me 0

So much of the new 52 has relied on gimmicks for their first issues and this issue is in a sense no different.  The difference here is that the gimmick works.  The gimmick here is one of the more common ones where the story is told from the future looking at a sequence of flashbacks which essentially work to put the team where it should be in the present day.  There were some good moments here alluding to the past (namely the meeting between Dinah and Babs).  The focus is on the action at hand w...

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Good Start!! 0

I am reading Birds Of Prey for the first time. Only two characters ave been introduced in the first issue and its very impressive. Looking forward for the rest of it. I did not know any of these female characters till now but Duane Swierczynski has done a good job in introducing them well.The good:Its got a strong female lead and that is one thing which got me into reading this. Artwork is nice. Story starts with fights going on in gotham city and introduction of a journalist whose life will be ...

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PREYING for a fresh start 0

The New 52 has spawned out a hole bunch of titles and given writers a chance to retell origin stories as well as creating new characters and situations for our most iconic characters. What is in store for the Birds of Prey and how will they take up to being rebooted in the New 52? Written by Duane Swierczynski and artowkr by Jesus Saiz.The Birds of Prey are an odd group of super heroes, or anti-heroes. As they are a group of females usually that have no connections or actually have worked togeth...

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