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Birds Of Prey - Endrun, Breaking Eggs!

 The Main Members
 The Main Members
The Birds Of Prey Are Reborn! It's good to see (one of my) favorite teams making a comeback. The Birds aren't any kind of team, they are the team that saves the heroes from themselves! Now what kind of team would want to do that? These guys, Uh i mean Girls, will! Oracle, Huntress, Lady Black Hawk and Black Canary hit the streets once again, trying to stop someone from exposing their entire life! Don't call these girls wimps, because when you see them in action, you might want to beg for mercy if you confront them. With an awesome cover for issue 1, things are looking up (way up) for the Birds. Or maybe they might get killed, a whole bunch killed. Writer Gail Simone will take the birds to new heights (awesomely heights). She is joined by Artist dude, Ed Benes who will draw the characters with good care. The Birds are going to be in good hands! 


 Emotion is a rare thing in Birds Of Prey!
 Emotion is a rare thing in Birds Of Prey!
The "Birds Of Prey" have always been my favorite team. Well I guess I've got a whole bunch of 'favorite' teams, however that isn't the point. We have the Teen Titans and The Titans, both alike, however differs from the members growing up and becoming adults. However, the Birds are a team of "all-women" (most of the time), it is sometimes good to see just how the 'girls' can hold their own in a fight. Yes, they can kick the snot out of anyone that crosses their eyes. If I got to write for only "one" comic series I would pick the Birds Of Prey. Why Does he pick the Birds Of Prey You Ask? Because, when they fight everything seems to fall to pieces, however in the end everything goes as planned. Besides, Ed Benes' drawings for the team members is Awesome. Gail does a cool job at telling the story about the Birds Of Prey returning to the prowl. With Oracle keeping an eye on everything (and I do mean everything) things might go as planned. Not! Things fall to pieces, as quickly as Ice falls off of a plane! However, we know that things will get better soon (they better). No doubts. But I'm not sure if everyone is going to survive!?! Gail does a great job at capturing the emotion of each character. 


To a certain extent I like (new mystery characters) however not that far. This character "White Canary", why she calling herself that? Why can't she call herself Black Canary 2? Uh, never mind. Things don't look so good for the team after they confront White Canary. 

Birds Of Prey #1's Verdict

 Who Is She?
 Who Is She?
Who will live? Who Will Die? What's up with this new character, and what bad plans does she have? Will have to stay tuned if we want to find out! Birds Of Prey is for readers that like Black Canary, Oracle (Barbara Gordon ex-Batgirl), and Black Canary, and if they like teams that don't like each other much. The verdict of this issue is 4/5. Until these Birdies fight White Canary again, lets hope they survive!

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