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    Former pro-wrestler that turned to crime and joined Shadaloo. He later decides to abandon the evil organization and ends up joining Karin's Kanzuki Zaibatsu

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    Before joining Criminal Organization, Shadaloo. Birdie used to be a skilled pro-wrestler, teaming with rival Titanic Tim . He resorted into a criminal career after his famed wrestling career ended (because of doing some illegal street fighting for another source of income).

    Notorious for his skilled fighting, Birdie was invited to participate in the very first World Warrior Tournament. At the time Birdie had a serious case of the flu, as a result, he lost in the world tournament fighting with Ryu.

    Despite his disappointing lost, Birdie criminal reputation arose. He eventually learned of an organization called Shadaloo and managed to use his criminal reputation as an advantage to join Shadaloo.

    Sneaking into the Shadaloo's main data room, he learned about the Psycho Drive. Thinking he could use the Phycho Drive to overthrow M.Bison ,so he become lord of Shadaloo himself, he went on a search to seek it. When Birdie snuck into the Shadaloo database, Bison watched the whole time, Bison then sent Balrog to kill Birdie, but Birdie talked Balrog into helping him by telling saying how the Psycho Drive could make them very powerful. Even with the help of Balrog, Birdie couldn't find the Drive before it blew up.

    Birdie remained with Shadaloo until it eventually fell, he resorted to going back to the streets and fighting to make a profit

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