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Bird, so named because of his affinity for birds, was one of Bane's best men. Imprisoned together in Santa Prisca, Bird taught Bane about the criminal world outside of the prison's walls, including tales of Gotham City and its vigilante protector, Batman. When they escaped together and traveled to Gotham, Bird used his pet falcon to spy over Gotham. He had a short confrontation with Robin and later he fought a weakened Batman, nearly defeating him. Batman still prevailed and he was imprisoned by the Gotham Police.

After the events of Knightsend, Bane, learning that Bird was moved to a medium security prision in Florida, broke him out of prison. Bird used his criminal connections to find a chemist to make a new batch of Venom. Azrael tracked them down, and Bane injected an unsuspecting Bird with the new more addictive form of Venom.

Powers and Abilities

Although without powers, Bird has a strong connection to Talon (his pet bird). He is able to control the animal with great skill and can use it perform tasks such as scouting the area or attacking an opponent.

Bird also has some ability in hand-to-hand combat and was able to gain the upper hand against Robin (with some help from Talon) before he had to leave and was able to briefly take on Batman himself (although Wayne was fatigued to an extreme level).

Other Media

Video Games

Batman: Arkham Origins

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Bird appeared in a "Most Wanted" mission in Batman: Arkham Origins. Batman must locate all Venom shipments throughout Gotham before confronting Bird at the "My Alibi" night club. He is defeated along with the rest of his men and left for the GCPD.

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