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    Two men have taked the identity of Bird-Man and has served as a member of the Ani-Men.

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    Henry Hawk was the first Bird-Man and became one of the original Ani-Men. The original Ani-Men were recruited and outfitted by the Organizer who was actually a candidate for the mayor of New York named Abner Jones. The Organizer sent the Ani-Men to undermine the current administration but they were defeated by the costume crimefighter Daredevil and all five men went to prison. Later, Bird-Man, Ape-Man and Cat-Man formed the Unholy Three and worked for a criminal scientist named the Exterminator. Again, the Unholy Three and their employer would be defeated by Daredevil.


    Bird-Man was created by Wally Wood in 1965 and first appeared in Daredevil # 10.

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Bird-Man, Ape-Man and Cat-Man were rejoined by the original Frog-Man and worked for Count Nefaria. His scientist submitted his Ani-Men to an unknown process that gave them superhuman abilities and animal like forms. Count Nefaria added a female member named Dragonfly to the Ani-Men and they help assisted Nefaria takeover the North American Air Defense Command. However their plan was thwarted by the X-Men and the four original Ani-Men regained their human form and lost their superhuman abilities. Count Nefaria would reunite with his Ani-Men and ordered them to kill Tony Stark. The original Ani-Men were killed by a bomb that the criminal Spymaster had meant for Stark.

    Sometime later, the Exterminator now known as the Death-Stalker recruited and outfitted three criminals to become the new Ape-Man, Bird-Man and Cat-Man. He sent them to kidnap Matt Murdock who was secretly Daredevil. Bird-Man was defeated by Black Widow and Death-Stalker murdered the new Ape-Man and Cat-Man upon the completion of their mission.

    The second Bird-Man would be killed by the Scourge of the Underworld during the Bar with No Name massacre. Arnim Zola created numerous proto-husks from DNA samples of deceased heroes and villains including Bird-Man whom he called his Corpse Corps. These resurrected husks would secure riches to fund his genetic experiments but come into conflict with Deadpool after Animus steals some files from him. The merc with a mouth guns down Bird-Man, Cheetah, Cyclone and the Ringer in a hail of gunfire. Deadpool destroys most of the proto-husks and defeats Arnim Zola.

    Currently the Hood has resurrected some of the victims killed by the Scourge of the Underworld including Bird-Man. The Hood has augmented the abilities of some of these resurrected criminals which makes them that much more dangerous. The Hood told his new army that the Scourge was secretly the Punisher and he has ordered them to eliminate Frank Castle. The spell that brought them back to life only lasts thirty days and only the Hood can extend their lives.


    The original Bird-Man's costume gave Henry Hawk the ability to fly.

    Powers & Abilities

    Bird-Man did have a degree of superhuman strength when Nefaria's scientists gave him actual wings that were part of his body. The resurrected Bird-Man is an actual humanoid bird that possesses real wings and deadly talons. This Bird-Man has augmented strength and speed but has lost the ability to speak the human language.


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