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    A young boy mutated by chemical, bent on avenging for the death of his father

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    Fletcher Traynor is the teenage son of Harley Traynor, a small arms dealer working for Joe Silvermane. Harley supplied several teenagers with guns to battle heroes before he was capture by the New Warriors. Joe Silvermane had his father killed in his cell while he was writing a letter to Fletcher.    

    Birth of a Monster

    Fletcher went to the Stoney Storage facility in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn where his father stored some dangerous stuff. Fletcher found some type of weapon that contained some green chemicals. Fletcher accidentally broke the trigger mechanism of the weapon and the cylinders containing the chemicals started to crack. Fletcher was doused with the chemicals and he mutated into a powerful, acidic creature. Fletcher dubbed himself Biohazard and the oozing mass of acid called out the New Warriors at King's Plaza Mall in Brooklyn. 
    The New Warriors intercepted Biohazard at the mall and Nova slammed into his green foe. Biohazard tells Nova he feels no pain and tossed the hero away. Turbo hits Biohazard with a powerful wind blast but it just ends up splattering his acid onto the parked cars nearby. Bolt hits Biohazard with an electric attack but it does nothing. Biohazard fires back with an acid blast and it burns Bolt's arm. Namorita throws a car into Biohazard and actually hurts him with her deadly touch. Biohazard tells Namorita that the New Warriors were responsible for his death because they sent him to jail but the New Warrior had no idea his father was killed. During that time, Emma Frost and Generation X appeared on the scene and a fight broke out with several members of the New Warriors. Biohazard starting to lose control of his powers and acid was spewing out of his body. The New Warriors and Generation X decided to work together to prevent Biohazard from hurting more innocent civilians. Husk transformed into a metal form while Aegis distracted Biohazard with his force fields. Husk was able to get close enough to Biohazard to knock him out with one punch. The New Warriors believed Fletcher would not be safe if he was turned over to the authorities so he was taken to Project Pegasus under an assumed name.  


    Biohazard was created by Jay Faerber, Karl Kerschl and Chris Renaud in 2000 and first appeared in New Warriors # 5. 

    Story Arcs

     Biohazard vs the Thunderbolts.
     Biohazard vs the Thunderbolts.
    • Reason in Madness

    Biohazard would reappear years later when he was busted out of Project Pegasus by Whirlwind, Boomerang, Tiger Shark and Mr. Hyde. They made him more powerful and he was set loose in Topeka, Kansas where he came into conflict with the Thunderbolts because he was not registered. Radioactive Man tried to absorb some of Biohazard's radiation but was reaching his limit so Penance strikes the walking pile of toxic waste with a blast that caused him to disperse into several different pieces. Biohazard was able to reassemble and Penance tells his teammates that Biohazard wasn't able to do that from his first encounter and wasn't that radioactive. Biohazard would smack Venom a few blocks away during the fight but he is eventually subdued when Penance dispersed him again and Songbird caged the fragments inside separate cubed, sound constructs.  

    Powers & Abilities

    Biohazard is a walking mass of acid with superhuman strength and durability. Biohazard claims he feels no pain and is able to shoot acid from his hands for ranged attacks. Biohazard was more powerful during his encounter with the Thunderbolts where he was much bigger, more radioactive and able to reassemble himself from massive trauma.

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