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    The Binder is another user of "The Hercules Method" from The Luther Strode series.

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    The individual know as the Binder was created by Justin Jordan and Tradd Moore, and first appeared in The Legend of Luther Strode #1, 2012 by Image Comics.

    Character History

    little is known about the Binder. He is an individual versed in "the Method" which refers to "the Hercules Method". There are varying levels of how an individual utilizes and has control over "the Method" (as it has been stated that Luther Strode utilizes this in a very high level........along with others called "the Bound" which include the creator of the method, a being known as Cain. Which is alluded to the biblical Cain, from Cain and Abel) and at higher levels of operation, an individual is such a unstoppable killing machine that it becomes a vast issue (and one of historical significance....such as Cain and Jack the ripper.....and as shown in the current Legacy of Luther Strode, the biblical figure Samson).

    Cain started the trend of having powerful members of "The Method" bound and put into captivity with himself, as they were too dangerous to be allowed upon the Earth. Cain then charged The Binder with hunting down and captivating those that exhibited those same qualities, and at the command of Cain himself. One of the more noteworthy individuals that The Binder did this to was Jack The Ripper.

    When the Binder encountered Luther Strode, he stated that Strode was quite possibly on par with Cain himself in usage of "The Method" and far more powerful than himself and the Librarian. He informed Strode that although Luther was much more powerful, he lacked "spatial awareness" and other finesse techniques that Binder had learned over the years. Binder fought Strode singularly, and with the help of Jack the Ripper combined. Strode overpowered the both of them. Ultimately an explosion rendered the Binder severely wounded and which Jack the Ripper took advantage of and ended the Binder's life, exacting revenge for his long captivity.

    Powers and Abilities

    as typical with individuals versed in "The Hercules Method", Binder exhibited some very specific powersets. Including, but not limited to:

    • Longevity: It was shown that Binder was alive during Victorian Era times, and possibly before.
    • Reactionary Skills: superhuman level, capable of point blank bullet dodging.
    • Spatial Awareness: being aware of surroundings to utmost, and aware of every single thing happening in an environment. almost seeing two steps ahead, and how objects in a space can potentially interact with another.
    • Durability: low superhuman levels. able to function and focus despite the loss of eyes, and extreme damage to the body (substantial blood loss, blunt trauma damage, pierced trauma damage, burns, broken limbs, etc...)
    • Strength: low superhuman levels, between 1-2 tons maximum.
    • Accuracy: superhuman accuracy, able to pinpoint very specific narrow targets and execute goals (such as muscle groups in a body)

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