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    Member of the Shi`ar Imperial Guard

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    Binder was a member of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard that was aboard a Dreadnought spaceship when Commander Dakari detected a being inside a force-sphere floating in space. Dakari summoned the ship's surgeon named Dr. Tyreseus, Praetor Chakar and members of the Imperial Guard including Kwill, Binder and Voltor to the transporter deck when they beamed the being aboard. The being turned out to be a Spaceknight named Pulsar and it attacked when the force-sphere dissipated. Binder tried to ensnare Pulsar with his plasma beam but it had no effect. Pulsar decimated Binder and others aboard the Dreadnought until Chakar managed to temporarily stop the Spaceknight.


    Binder was created by Bill Mantlo, Steve Ditko and Al Milgrom in 1985 and first appeared in Rom Annual # 4.

    Powers & Abilities

    Binder could emit a plasma beam to ensnare his opponents.


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