Billy Young

    Character » Billy Young appears in 40 issues.

    Billy Young is a Dr. Mary Young's brother.

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    Billy, youngest sibling of Young family waited the return of his sister Mary Young in their home, and to celebrate her successful curing of Evil Ernie. Soon the happy times turned to something out of scary movie, dead walked the earth. The Young family and all the guests started to board themselves into the house, to keep the dead out. Their barricades were preached only few times; Billy killed his first ghoul that time. When Evil Ernie himself came after them, most of the guests died, and he was about to kill Billy and his sister Judy Young; Mary and Leonard Price arrived and shot Ernie with a rocket launcher, ending his rampage. After that incident, Young family took survival courses just to be sure that in the future they'd survive.

    Months later when Billy took part in his sister court hearing, Evil Ernie returned and struck down their brother Rick Young. After Ernie left the court house Billy and his sisters returned to court house to check on their brother. At the same time military police arrived and took Mary away. Rick rose as one of Ernie's ghouls and wanted to kill Billy and Judy. They ran and hide in the sewers, until everything calmed down.

    Somewhere along the line Billy had lost sight of both his sisters, he trained by himself and hunted for Evil Ernie. One time he caught up with him and took a shot with a sniper, but missed. He then was spotted by Homicide aka Rick Young, and captured. Evil Ernie saw him as a change to force Mary Young to built a machine that brings Lady Death to earth. The building took several months and in the end Mary succeeded, but bringing Lady Death to earth released Pandora Effect and earth itself was falling apart. Lady Death was sent back where she came from, and then Billy was released. Billy and Mary decided to look up their sister Judy and moved toward Washington. When they found Judy, the reunion didn't last long; Billy was shot and Judy left to stop Evil Ernie. Mary brought Billy to medical center, but they were not able to rescue him: Billy was dead for 20 minutes. It was his brother who unknowing to himself resurrected Billy. Judy returned from her mission and Youngs were again reunited.

    Again several months have passed, Billy has suffered a stroke, and need a tumor removed from his brain. This brought him closer to death, he already herd them. When the dead came and took Mary, he was left behind; the dead didn't see him as one of their own, nor did they see him as one of the living. Billy used his link to dead-mind to search the location of his sister, but eventually failed. He was discovered by Evil Ernie who used the same link to dead-mind to force Billy to kill himself. He rose as a ghoul in Evil's army. Billy followed Ernie to the final battle, where he battled against Mary and Rick. He was teleported away from battle by Rick, and when Evil Ernie died he regained his own conscious.

    After uncreation wave, Billy was recreated on dead world. He joined the community of independent dead, and lived in harmony along with the living.


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