Billy the Girl

    Character » Billy the Girl appears in 12 issues.

    A bounty hunter and friend of Lobo.

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    A humanoid alien bounty hunter from the Planet Dianine, Billy the Girl is a 21 year old bounty hunter who left her last job on sexual discrimination. She was a regular skip tracer tied to the bounty agency of Bunsen and has worked on her own or in lieu with Lobo , Jonas Glim , Layla , Johnny Quietus, and Murder to extents on select extraterrestrial bounty hunts.

    In variable circumstances, Billy the Girl has been in self-help manuals from Lobo ranging to Lobo Bounty Hunting for Fun and Profit and Lobo #37 - Lobo's Guide to Girls as a tutorial example of bounty hunting with seduction or being a ploy of seduction. She was even involved in a dream-fantasy of Darlene Spritzer in her marriage to Lobo, which turned out to be relatively bad.

    Billy the Girl has even assisted in a dead-or-alive capture/ assassination operation to an alien theme park, Sheep world, as to gun down a variety of wanted shape-shifting aliens who disguised themselves as fair workers, security guards, sheep and even the tourists to the sheep-themed amusement park.

    Powers/Accessories: Billy the Girl is an alien that can survive in the vacuum of deep space with differentials in temperature, she is omnilingual to understand & speak some alien languages from various parts of the galaxy. She relies on electro-shock implants in her hands that can stun most opponents with a punch, but is as reliable with a laser pistol and extensively athletic who engages in consistent exercise for a bounty hunter. She holds a strength level capable of incapacitating most men twice her size, height, and weight class but often relies on trickery and weapons over hand-to-hand combat.


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