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Billy Hue became the leader of the Ghost Dragons, and began reporting to King Snake.


Billy Hue was created by Chuck Dixon for his series Robin.

Major Story Arc

Robin A Hero Reborn

For more Information see: Robin: A Hero Reborn

After Tim Drake met a mysterious girl at a club in France, he fallowed her outside, where the two were approached by Billy Hue and his gang of Ghost Dragons. Billy Hue, is easily able to beat up a just learning to fight Tim. Billy then drags the girl away and Tim dons his Robin costume and gives chase. He tracks Billy and his crew to a warehouse, where Billy is beating up a strange man. Tim, now dressed as Robin, swings in and saves the man, Clyde Rawlins, and the two beat up the Ghost Dragons. Billy Hue orders the Dragons to retreat and takes the mysterious girl with him. Later, when King Snake asks Billy Hue what happened, Billy lies, saying a big guy with guns stopped them from killing Clyde Rawlins. In the middle of Billy Hue's lie, King Snake punches him in the face killing the gang leader instantly. The mysterious girl then steps forward and tell King Snake what really happened and she is made the new gang leader.


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