Billy Friday

    Character » Billy Friday appears in 8 issues.

    A British comic book writer for Dazzle comics. He wrote Omniman with Supreme's alter ego Ethan Crane.

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    Supreme: The Story of the Year

    Not much about Billy Friday's past. Billy works as a comic book writer for Dazzle Comics in Omegapolis. He is best known for writing Omniman and works with comic book artist Ethan Crane (who secretly is the superhero Supreme). After publishing "The Death of Omniman", Billy leaves Omniman to work on a line of true story comics based on Supreme's life. When Diana Dane gets Ethan to ask Supreme ideas for Billy, Supreme takes him to his flying Citadel. Upon his arrival, Billy is given a tour inside by Supreme. While touring the Citadel's Souvenir Gallery, Billy is a bit skeptical about some of the exhibits as ridiculous as they sound until he wanders off alone when Supreme is distracted by his Suprematon S-1 and stumbles into the reactor chamber containing artificial supremium. When Supreme finds him, Billy lies about the reactor chamber until he starts manifesting side effects from supremium radiation as arms multiple uncontrollably, growing in size at an alarming rate (dubbing himself as "The Elaborate Lad"). When S-1 alerts Supreme about Billy's predicament, he uses a special device to transport Billy to Amalyth. From there Billy goes from one place of existence to the next as the supremium exhibits strange aftereffects and his rude attitude towards people in each world. He uses this opportunity write down his own superhuman exploits to each world he visits and communicates Dazzle Comics with a special monitor device to report his activities. From Amalyth Billy pissed off Szazs the Sprite Supreme and gets himself zapped to the 19th Dimension. Billy is then rescued by Emerpus and is sent to the Backwards Zone until Billy gets sick of him gets sent the future of 2496 AD and stays with Futuregirl for a short while. Then follows Futuregirl and the League of Infinity back to 1996 where they help Supreme and his friends battle Darius Dax in Magno's body. When Billy runs into Dax, he is exposed to the supremium on Magno's chest and has another episode again. When his arms multiplied again, Supreme sends Billy into the Hell of Mirrors as a temporary solution until the side-effects wear off.

    Supreme: The Return

    Once the supremium radiation wears off, Billy returns back to normal. Thinking Billy has suffered enough and believes he's having a super-powered breakdown, Supreme sends Billy to Miskatonic Mental Institution for the Homicidally Distressed in Star City. Inside, Billy is surround by Professor Night's dangerous foes like Jack-A-Dandy, Fakeface and the Lounge Lizard. After a period of time, Billy is released after proven to be mentally stable.

    Billy returns to work at Dazzle Comics but unknowingly walks into a fight between Supreme and the Supreium Man. Strangely enough, the Supreium Man senses something eerily familiar about Billy and when Billy touches him the two become a single entity. Furious at Supreme about what he has become, the Billy/Supreium Man travel back in time to the past to find supreium as the Master Meteor and causing a time loop paradox.


    Billy Friday is based on Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen from DC Comics with some of personality loosely based on comic book writer Grant Morrison.


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