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Billy Connors
Billy Connors

Billy Connors is the son of Martha and Curt Connors. Billy is a young boy and an only child. Billy alongside his mother must suffer the consequences of his father's errors. He and his mother left his father for they couldn't handle the Lizard and the problems it made them.

Mayor Story Arcs

Quality of Life

Both Martha and Billy were diagnosed with cancer. The reason was deduced by Spider-Man, Martha Connors and Billy Connors had been exposed to carcinogens living next to a facility of the Monnaco Corporation. Martha passed away from the disease, and Billy barely survived and grew a vengeance for his father. Billy went to his aunt's care, and the stress drove Dr. Connors mentally unstable.

Lizard Junior

The Lizard Jr.
The Lizard Jr.

Billy is currently the second lizard. The original Lizard injected Billy with the Lizard formula that transformed him into a creature like his father. Spider-Man stop them and Billy is put into a foster home after he is cured and retains no love for his father.

The Lizard attacking Billy
The Lizard attacking Billy

When Curt becomes the Lizard in "SHED", the Lizard wants to punish Connors, it hunts down Billy, and with the assistance of Ana Kraven's timely interference, killed Billy who said just before he dies that he always new his dad would kill him. Curt Connors died with Billy and only the Lizard remains.

Spider-Man found Billy's corpse and went to Connors’ lab assistant and takes whatever’s left of his antidote and a picture of Billy. He used that picture against the Lizard, making him feel something horrible about the picture he sees in his mind. Spider-Man explained him that was shame and part of being a mammal.

When Spider-Man and Morbius ¨cured¨ Curt Connors, it was the Lizard in Connor's body who pretended to grieve to loss of Billy telling everybody he needs time alone.

In Other Media

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Spider-Man (1967)

Billy appears in the Spider-Man episode ''Where crawls the Lizard'' voiced by Billie Mae Richards.

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Spider-Man (1994)

Billy appears in the Spider-Man episode ''Night of the Lizard'' voiced by Toby Scott Ganger.


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The Spectacular Spider-Man (2008)

Billy appears in The Spectacular Spider-Man episode ''Natural Selection'' voiced by Max Burkholder.

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The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)

The young actor Miles Elliot was casted as Billy for the film ''The Amazing Spider-Man'' .

Billy was supposed to appear in three scenes with Dr. Connors; A scene after peter answers the door, a scene where Dr. Connors gets mad at him, and at the end of the film with Dr. Connor`s wife.

This was going to be the first live action of Billy Connors, but all of his scenes were ultimately cut out from the final cut, the theatrical release.

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