Billy-Bob Bobbs

    Character » Billy-Bob Bobbs appears in 8 issues.

    A nice one-eyed boy who meets a tragic end.

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    Billy-Bob Bobbs and his family were pretty much the epitome of Deep South stereotypes: a family where the tradition was that the oldest son marry the oldest daughter. A family so incredibly inbred that Billy-Bob and his sister/fiancee Lorie Bobbs both possessed a single eye in the center of their faces.

    For all their cyclopean, lantern-jawed absurdity, however, they were good people, and Billy-Bob was a friend to a young boy who desperately needed one - Jesse Custer. They were about the same age, and spent as much time as they could together, fishing, hunting or just hanging out.

    Like most things in Jesse's life, though, it didn't last. When Billy-Bob was sixteen, he had the misfortune of being in the barn when T.C., an employee/henchman of Jesse's grandmother, decided to get amorous with a chicken. T.C. found Billy-Bob hiding nearby and slit his throat. Billy-Bob managed to get out of the barn, and died at Jesse's feet.


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