Who is the better boy scout? Captial Marvel or Superman

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Who is the better boy scout? And who has the better array of powers?

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really????? in new 52 superman doesnt have his boy scout personality?

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@micahparadise: Well SM's very first N52 appearance was him trashing Barry, Bruce and Hal and the first two never deserved it (Hal deserves most bad things he gets). Billy's first appearance in the N52 was him conning a decent foster family and making a little orphaned girl cry. That's not very boy-scout like of either of them

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Superman hasn't been a boyscout for almost 3 years dude.

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Billy without a doubt, it's been seen several times that Supes often feels that he HAS to be a boy scout and the epitomy of human behavior because everyone looks up to him, but Billy just IS that pure and good natured, in a sense, in the stories that they had together Superman realized the good heart that Billy had and even admired him for that, while Billy obviously admired Superman.

All of this Pre-New 52 of course, all hail the edgyness and the badassery and the total disregard of well established characters' personalities!

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His boy scout persona esque, was kind of down played,some may even say removed in order to make him a bit more relatable to modern audiences. i.e new 52.

Which isnt such a bad thing,when you consider the fact that when Superman first appeared he was quite the opposite of a boy scout.

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They have varied depending on the time, but Billy makes more sense because he is a child.

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