i dont get captain marvel

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i dont get it when he changes to captain marvel , is he still billy inside or is he a different person ? and also when shazam died does he just stay in captan marvel mode forever

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Yes, he is still Billy, though he is guided by the wisdom of Solomon. I don't know if he can change back now, there's not been much shown about him since Shazam died.

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In the original Fawcett comics, it was presented as if they were two separate personalities, yet with awareness of the other person's experiences. In one sotry, BB whispered the Magic Word, and a ghoslty version of CM appeared to give him the answers to a test. In another story Billy shopped for Christmas presents for Captain Marvel. In other sotries you would see Captain MArvel saying things like "When Billy said the magic word..." implying that they were definitely two different people. Of course there was never much examination of the psychological impact of this situation because it was A COMIC BOOK!

When Roy Thomas re-interpreted Captain Marvel in "Shazam: A New Beginning," he clearly established that Captain AMrvel was Billy Batson in the superhero body.

After Shazam died, Billy/Captain MArvel had a period of time where he was the guardian of the laws of magic on Earth, but there was barely half a story of that, when the magic lightning turned him into something that looks like Elric on Steroids. Dan Didio had pretty much said that Billy Batson is done in the regular DC universe. Its Lord Marvel and that's that. Maybe he exists in one of the other 51 universes, but the only place we will be able to see him for sure in the old Billy/Captain relationship is in the "Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam" kids book series.


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Get Captain Marvel: Secret Invasion.....Trust. 
No matter what anyone says. Trust. 
It's worth it. 

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@Mar-Vell Liberation Front said:
" Get Captain Marvel: Secret Invasion.....Trust.  No matter what anyone says. Trust.  It's worth it.   "
Different Captain Marvel kid
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Okay I have the whole "Power of Shazam" series (which sure is in the 90's so it's not right up to date but it's the best cm series ever done) and it was made very clear that in modern comics, Billy is still Billy when he's Cap (just not physically) and is guided by the wisdom of solomon. As a result of this, Cap is one of the more "childlike" of super-heroes (makes kinda childish jokes, is very "innocent" in his outlook on life, etc.), but a very mature child (or teenager, right now he's between 14 and 17), because he is used to having the wisdom of solomon (and dealing w/ very grown up situations such as supervillians and apocalypses) and being an "adult" half the time. So his personality, as a whole, is kinda somewhere in the middle between boy and man. 
The same goes for all members of the Marvel family.

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