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Niece to Willie Lumpkin, Wilhelmina Lumpkin often usually just goes by the name Billie. Willie Lumpkin had been the longtime mailman and friend to the Fantastic Four, and naturally following in his footsteps in already being a mailwoman, Billie would assist and eventually take over from her Uncle"s duties as the Fantastic Four mail delivery person. She has striking good looks, as well as a natural and sweet charm, that tend to provoke odd reactions from both Ben the Thing, and Johnny the Human Torch, both who have vied over Billies affection and attention, although she has not reciprocated either men's feelings. She is on good terms with the team.


Wilhelmina Lumpkin is a Marvel comics character first appearing in Fantastic Four #2 released in 1998. She is created by Scott Lobdell, Alan Davis and Mark Farmer.

Powers and Abilities

Wilhelmina Lumpkin does not possess any super abilities, she is a skilled mailwoman, and does have a streak of courage, offering to help or aid the Fantastic Four if they need it, however they usually decline her offer, but appreciate the sentiment.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 115 lbs

Hair: Red

Eyes: Blue


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