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    Billie was a young apprentice witch to the Charmed Ones, and the charge of the youngest sister, half-Whitelighter Paige Matthews. She now lives in Los Angeles

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     Billie Jenkins is the second daughter of Carl Jenkins, and Helen Jenkins. Billie also had an older sister, Christy Jenkins. One night when both Christy and Billie were very young the demon Reinhardt broke into Christy and Billie's shared bedroom and kidnapped Christy. Later it was revealed that Reinhardt was sent by the Triad. For the rest of Billie's life she searched for who had kidnapped her sister, even after it seemed like her parents had given up. Also, it is revealed that Billie's grandmother was indeed a witch and it skipped a generation with Helen.

    Meeting the Charmed Ones

    Sometime before entering college Billie discovered that she was a witch with magical powers. It was unknown the Billie at the time that her grandmother on her mothers side was a witch as well, and the magic had been passed through her mother, even though her mother was only human. When Billie realized that demons existed she dressed in black sunglasses, wig, and outfit and hunted them. But soon Billie became a charge of Paige Halliwell and when the sisters rescued Billie from a demon attack the sisters took her under their wing and trained her to be a witch. In episode six of season eight 'Kill Billie Vol. 1' Billie starts to remember what happened the night her sister was kidnapped and believes that a demon was behind it. In the next few episodes Billie obsesses with finding her sister and finally in episode fourteen of season eight '12 Angry Zen' Billie finds her sister locked inside of a cave. Billie brings her sister to the Charmed Ones who start to suspect that Christy may be in league with demons.

    Forever Charmed

    Christy starts to pull Billie away from the Charmed Ones saying that they use their magic for personal gain and don't deserve it anymore. Eventually when Christy stages an attack on the whole magical community she uses different ways to distract the sisters from the attack and the magical community blames the Charmed Ones for not protecting them. The sisters are forced to hide away in the Underworld while Billie and Christy stay in Halliwell Manor and hunt for the sisters to kill them. It is revealed that the demons Christy are in line with are actually the Triad (the second most powerful demons in the universe, only second to the Source of all Evil). Christy convinces Billie that the only way to defeat the Charmed Ones is by taking the Hallow (a powerful magical entity that once almost destroyed the universe) into themselves and using it's power. At the same time Billie and Christy take the Hallow into them the sisters also take the power of the Hallow. The sisters and Billie and Christy get into a fight at Halliwell Manor that destroys the Manor and kills Paige, Phoebe, and Christy. Both Billie and Piper use their magic to go back in time to stop this event from happening. In the end Billie realizes that Christy is being controlled by demons and that she is evil, but offers her one last chance to come to the side of good. Christy throws a fire ball at Billie and the sisters and Billie uses her powers to push the fireball back at Christy killing her. And that Christy was meant to die.


    After Billie killed Christy she was distraught. Billie went back to the side of good and continued to be trained by the Charmed Ones. Throughout the years Billie has kept a very close relationship with the sisters and is almost like another sister.  A year later, She now resides in Los Angeles, due to the orders of the Charmed Ones keeping close next to detective Morris, providing protection for his family.

    Powers and Abilities

     Like any other witch, Billie posses three basic powers from being one; spell casting, scrying, and potion making.   

     She's Skilled
     She's Skilled

    Telekinesis: Billie was a gifted which with the active power of telekinesis. Her control over telekinesis allowed her to move objects and people alike, especially sending demons flying back. Like the late Prue, Billie learned to use her telekinesis to help with acrobatic maneuvers, landing back flips and leaping her, increasing her reflexes and flexibility.

    Projection:Billie then learned she had the gift of what Paige called, projection. The ability to manipulate reality solely on the person's will without a need of spell to accomplish so. She first used this power subconsciously, turning her parents into deadly assassin unintentionally, but later returned them to normal. Aside from this she healed a dying tree and help relinquish evil from the Charmed Ones. But her most greatest feat was warping time, going back in time to prevent Christy's death, but in the end Christy had to die due to evil influences.

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