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Much of his work includes a mystical/fantasy theme, which particularly made his work on superhero comics stand out from the crowd. Some of his early work was for TSR, doing illustrations for the D&D role playing game books and modules. His next major piece of work was the "Elementals" series for Comico (which grew out of his work in FGU's, Villains & Vigilantes RPG). A superhero comic in which most all of the heroes and villains have supernatural origins. Bill was never allowed to finish the series the way he wanted, until years later he partnered with Lone Star Press. He created all new heroes and used them to tell the end tale he had developed long ago, the limited series was called "Pantheon".

Bill Willingham has done various works since then and has signed on with DC Comics. At DC he has perhaps gained the most fame writing the series "Fables". A Vertigo comic that cleverly uses the different characters from fairy tales.

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