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    Bill is a green lobster cyborg, endowed with super strength and intellect. Unlike Don he is a normal green lobster who is only enhanced by his cybernetic implants.

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    Bill & Don were science experiments of Ramon Lipshitz ( Gomi's cousin) and his partner Tadishi Fujita. Their scientific knowledge was said to be on a par with that of Reed Richards or Doctor Doom. They worked for a local university and were based in a small shack under a lighthouse. There they began their experimentation of cybernetic organisms by surgically embedding two lobsters with strength enhancing implants. Gomi, as their unpaid lab assistant, cared for the two lobsters and named them. The 'mutant' blue lobster became Don, while the 'normal' green lobster was named Bill.

    When the university withdrew their financial backing and threatened to audit Ramon & Tadishi's experiments, the two of them fled. Gomi was left to take care of himself, Don & Bill until the Fallen Angels discovered them.

    Major Story Arcs

    Fallen Angels

    Bill would often accompany Don and Gomi. The three of them were rarely separated. Bill appeared to be less rambunctious than Don, choosing to remain closer to Gomi at all times.

    Together the three of them searched the streets of New York for Sunspot & Warlock and to invite them to join the Fallen Angels. In Sunspot's wake, they entered a local church where street thugs where attempting to steal the golden and holy items. The criminals laughed at Gomi, but were soon dispatched by Don & Bill. Later Sunspot observed how protective Don & Bill were of Gomi, and admired their loyalty when they used their strength to torment the Vanisher.

    Don & Bill joined the other Angels on a quick intergalactic trip to a jungle planet. There the team recruited Moon Boy and Devil Dinosaur, who were taken back to the Beat Street Club in New York. When the team split up to search the city for food, Moon Boy & Devil Dinosaur also ventured out into the streets to help their new friends.


    However, disaster struck soon after they left the safety of the Club. A horrendous crunch sounded out across the street as Devil Dinosaur accidentally stepped on top of Don, instantly crushing the blue lobster. Bill reacted badly, and (undaunted by their size difference) often attempted to fight Devil Dinosaur.

    Angry and distressed, Bill blamed Devil Dinosaur for what had happened. The intelligent Dinosaur lay prostrate in the adjoining warehouse, and Bill went to seek his revenge. However, before Bill could reach Devil Dinosaur, Moon Boy reached out to him. Bill used his cybernetic strength to attack Moon Boy, causing a great commotion within the Beat Street Club. The others ran to see what all the ruckus was, and separated Bill from Moon Boy's feet. Gomi cradled his green friend, and the two mourned their lost friend.

    Crustacean Saviour

    When Ariel transported the team to the Coconut Grove, her glamour alien home, Bill was largely ignored by the local population. The rest of the Fallen Angels (bar Chance & the wounded Multiple Man duplicate) all received dazzling make-overs as the traditional greeting of the Coconut Grove demanded. Bill being a lobster only received an over-sized pair of sunglasses. And when the Fallen Angels were attacked he was the only one who was undetected, and therefore the only member who was not kidnapped.

    Being only the size of an average lobster, Bill slowly made his way to the holding cells by foot. He had already lost Don, and then someone had kidnapped Gomi and the others. He was an angy cyborg lobster, and therefore he took his aggression out on every guard who got in his way. Once he reached the holding cell, he easily defeated the last guard and took the keys from him. The Fallen Angels were then free to wreak havoc in the Coconut Grove, and Bill had Gomi back. Although the rest of the Fallen Angels defeated Unipar and the Coconut Grove guards, without Bill they would have remained powerless inside their prison cell waiting to be experimented on.

    When the team returned to Earth, Bill remained with Gomi in what was left of the Fallen Angels. The group eventually split up, and neither Gomi nor Bill have been seen or heard from since. As the events of M-Day only effected mutants, then it is safe to presume that Bill has retained his strength as his power was derived from the cybernetic implants and not any form of mutation.


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