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    Character » Bill Junior appears in 32 issues.

    Former resident of Broxton, Oklahoma. Bill was in love with the Asgardian Goddess, Kelda and left with her and The Asgardians when they went to Latveria. Bill was killed fighting three of Loki's servants after discovering what he and Doctor Doom were doing to the Asgardians.

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    Bill and Kelda: A Love Story
    Bill and Kelda: A Love Story

    Bill is a regular townsman in Broxton, Oklahoma, where Thor had built New Asgard. One night after closing up his family's diner, he encountered the beautiful Asgardian Goddess, Kelda, and immediately fell in love with her. However, when The Asgardians made the decision to move to Latveria following the fall of Thor, it seemed as if their relationship was coming to an end.

    However, as The Asgardians begin leaving, Bill races to New Asgard and tracks down Kelda just before the teleport pad activates, knowing that Kelda cannot stay with him, Bill makes the decision to go with Kelda to Latveria and declares his love for her as the teleport pad flares up.

    Upon arriving Bill meets Balder, who gives him his fur cloak to wear so he can stand the cold winter weather that was holding Latveria in its grip at the time. Bill also meets with other Asgardians and is promised protection by Balder, who rules Asgard now that Thor has been banished.

    Bill and Kelda talk in bed about him being inferior to the Asgardians as he is just a human. He says that he needs to go and talk to Balder because he thinks that his idea to have Asgard in Latveria isn't a good idea. So, Kelda tells him to go and she gives him her sword. As Bill climbed up the mountain upon which Castle Doom sat he heard a loud scream erupt from somewhere within the castle.

    After finding the window that looked down upon one of Doctor Doom's laboratories, he overheard the plans Loki and Doom have for The Asgardians. Loki had given an Asgardian Warrior to Doctor Doom for study and as a sign of "trust" so that he could try to use his organs to make himself immortal just like the Asgardians.

    After a few moments, Loki spotted Bill, fired a bolt of energy at him and sent rogue Asgardians after him. Bill tries to fight them off, but he is stabbed in the gut by one of the superior Asgardian warriors. Balder arrived shortly afterward and discovered what had happened, though he wanted to get Bill to a healer, Bill said that there was no time and so he passed on all that he had learned about Loki and Doom's plans to Balder.

    Enraged by Bill's death, Balder mercilessly slayed the rogues. Taking Bill's body into his arms, Balder rode back to his fellow Asgardians and delivered the devastating news of Bill's death to Kelda as well as Loki and Doom's treachery. Seeing that Bill had died a warrior's death, Balder decided to give him a customary Asgardian funeral pyre.

    The pyre was attended by all of The Asgardians, even those who did not know Bill, to pay their final respects to the mortal man who sacrificed himself to save not only their King but their future as well.

    Major Story Arcs

    Everything Burns

    For more information see: Everything Burns

    Kelda herself dies in battle against a powerful figure threatening her homeland. For her valor in said battle, she also goes to Valhalla. She and Bill have a wedding, attended by many other inhabitants of that realm.

    After the wedding night of Bill and Kelda, Bill sees the World Tree burning from his marital bedroom window. He calls Kelda over and when she sees the tree aflame all she can say is "All-Mother Help Us."


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