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Most of Bill's youth has yet to be revealed. One event from Bill's childhood is depicted in the Prologue to Part One of Dual.  In 1985, at the age of ten, Bill compulsively first eats his "imaginary" friend, Yasu, transforming into the super powerful X.  This first surprising transformation resulted in the destruction of a playground and the deaths of three children.
Part One of Dual begins eleven years after the events of the Prologue. Bill struggles to understand the meaning of his powers and wrestles with the death and destruction he and Yasu have caused in their past.
As and adult, Bill has discovered that supernatural creatures of all varieties secretly populate the earth today. Many of these creatures are drawn to the power he and Yasu share.  
Meanwhile, Bill plays poker with the help of Yasu, who seems to have a psychic ability of predicting one's cards.



Physical Description

Eyes:  Blue  
Hair:  Short Black 
Height:  6' 2" with athletic build. 


 Bill was born in Long Beach, California, U.S.A.


With Yasu's aid, Bill makes a humble living cheating at poker. 

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