Bill Hicks

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    A comedian, with the dying man's license to speak the truth as he sees it.

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    Bill Hicks was a comedian whose greatest talent was making people angry. He routinely blasted modern culture, tearing at the lies, hypocrisies and illusions of modern America.

    Near the end of his career, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Despite this, he continued to tour and continued to do his acerbic brand of comedy. At one of these performances in Texas, a young preacher named Jesse Custer came into the club. Custer was just looking for alcohol to drown the self-loathing he felt for having given in to the machinations of his grandmother. He watched Hicks' show and was inspired to tell the truth as he saw it as well.

    When he returned to his town of Annville, Custer took Hicks' message of truth at any cost to heart, and nearly got beaten up for it.

    Bill Hicks is also mentioned in the Garth Ennis graphic novel, Chronicles of Wormwood. When Danny Wormwood and Jesus Christ take a road trip to Heaven they encounter a man passing out fliers who states, "You guys wanna come to the show tonight? We got Bill Hicks opening for Hendrix. No cover." This represents the second inclusion of Bill Hicks in a graphic novel by Garth Ennis.


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