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    Award given out yearly at San Diego Comic Con that recognizes excellence for writers who never got their due credit in the industry. 2 awards are given out: one for an artist postmortem and another to one who is still alive.

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    Started by artist and creator Jerry Robinson for the late Bill Finger who never got his due credit for his creations/writing while he was alive (Including the co-creation of Batman). The award is given out yearly at San Diego Comic Con. It was personally handed out by Jerry Robinson himself up to 2011 (he passed shortly after). The current committee head is Mark Evanier.

    **The first names listed in each year were given out postmortem

    2005: Jerry Siegel and Arnold Drake

    2006: Harvey Kurtzman and Alvin Schwartz

    2007: Gardner Fox and George Gladir

    2008: Archie Goodwin and Larry Lieber

    2009: John Broome and Frank Jacobs

    2010: Otto Binder and Gary Friedrich

    2011: Bob Haney and Del Connell


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