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    The three issues is an adaption of the first episode, "Rock 'n' Ride".

    (Note: Sometimes, the comic book will differ from the cartoon. I will point these part out as I go along.)

    The opening page is the same as the last page from issue 2, but from the X-Terminator's point-of-view. Karbunkle looks pleased with himself, while Limburger and Greasepit seem speechless.

    Next, we see the Mice on the attack at Limburger Tower. They keep going at full speed, riding up the side of the building!

    The pass a hamburger stand, where two bikers are having lunch.

    Big Biker: Man! I'da staked my hawg against any piece o' Milwalkee metal on Earth, but...!

    Thin Biker: Bro, I think them rides are from another planet!

    (Orginally, the thin biker just said, "Man! I've got to get me one of those!" The bigger biker simply burped.)

    The Mice continued their attack (there's a nice image of Throttle's bike (from underneath) silhouetted against the full moon). Limburger calls his thugs to destroy the Mice. The goon squad confronts the Mice, which the Mice win easily. (In one panel, you can clearly see the knuckles of one thug. On them is spelled out, D.U.M.B and M.E.A.N.)

    Modo recites one of his mom's countless sayings:

    Modo: As my dear o' grey-furred mama used ta say: "Courtesy is th' rule o' th' road!"

    (Note: It's spelled "grey-furred" in the comic, not "gray-furred".)

    Eventually, the Mice crash though the window of Limburger's office. (This is either another window, or Limburger gets repairs done fast...)

    The Mice get a whiff (PHEW!) of stinky Plutarkian, and Modo unmasks Limburger, revealing his fishy-face (in the cartoon, Throttle unmasks Limburger with his tail).

    Karbunkle then appears, riding on a huge column. Modo recognizes him, and his eye blaze red. The gray Mouse then recalls what happened to them on Mars in Karbunkle's labratory...

    Throttle and Modo are locked behind bars, while Vinnie is laying on a table, wires attached to his eyelids. Karbunkle stands grining menacingly, his hand guiding a fiendish device of sawblades and sharp scalpals. As Vinnie screams in agony on the table, Modo attempts to break out of the cell, managing to bend a couple of the bars. Before he and Throttle can attack Karbunkle, the scientist fires a ray gun, which disintegrates his right arm. Throttle punches Karbunkle into the reactor coolant pumps. While the lab goes up in flames, Throttle carries Modo and Vinnie out, escaping from their captors.

    (Note: This contradicts what we later learn in the episode, "Once Upon A Time on Mars". In the episode, Greasepit accidently fires a missle, and the Mice get caught in the explosion. It's this explosion where Modo loses his arm and eye, Vinnie half his face, and --never known until this episode-- Throttle, his eyes. Karbunkle replaced Modo's arm and Throttle's eyes, but it was Vinnie's friend, Harley, that created the silver half mask Vinnie wears.)

    Karbunkle introduces the X-Terminator to the Mice. The X-Termnator is a large robot, who speaks in a mechanical voice, sounding like Arnold Schwarzenegger. "He" aims a gun at the Mice, who take cover behind a desk. The force of the shot pushes them out of the window. Throttle whistles, and the bikes respond. Each Mouse lands on his own bike, and they ride back down the building to the ground.

    (Note: In the show, there was no desk nearby, and the Mice jumped from the window, whistling for their bikes.)

    While Modo and Vinnie deals with the backup goons, Throttle takes on the X-Terminator. Dodging laser blasts, Throttle leads the robot to a waste disposal plant. He lures the X-Terminator into the building, stopping at a ramp. As the X-Terminator charges toward him, Throttle shoots a grappling hook at some overhead pipes, hauling him and his bike out of the way. The X-Terminator races up the ramp, unable to stop, and lands in a vat of green, oozing waste. As he sinks into the toxic waste, the X-Terminator intones the classic Schwarzenegger line, "I' back...", to which Throttle retorts, "Yeah? Well, don't forget ta' write."

    Watching on a monator, Limburger realizes that things had just gotten a lot harder...

    (Note: Throttle's battle with the X-Terminator went on in the show as it does in the comic, except that Throttle just jumps his bike over the X-Terminator. He rides his bike up the ramp just in time to hear the robot's last words.

    Back at Wriggley's Stadium, the Mice wonder how their going to get their ship to fly again. (In the show, it was at this point when the ship falls all the way into the scoreboard.) Charley suggests that they make the scoreboard their hideout. Throttle is sceptical, but Modo and Vinnie are for it. Throttle is still not sure. After all, they are "illegal aliens, stuck on a strange planet, in a city swarmin' with Limburger's goons." Still, Earth has the "most righteous Rock 'n' Roll, ballgames, and junk food in the universe. The bros decide to stay. The group party on the bleachers with a boombox, rootbeer and hot dogs.

    (Note: In the show, Charley suggests going to a cheese shop, which gets disgusted reactions from the Mice.

    Modo: What do you think we are, anyway?

    Charley: Umm...Mice?

    Vinnie: I was thinking a few rootbeers, a couple of dogs...)

    And thus ends the first three issues of the Biker Mice from Mars comics from Marvel.



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