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    Biker Mice from Mars » Biker Mice from Mars #1 - Biker Mice from Mars released by Marvel on November 1993.

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    The three issues is an adaption of the first episode, "Rock 'n' Ride".

    (Note: Sometimes, the comic book will differ from the cartoon. I will point these part out as I go along.)

    The Biker Mice from Mars are crusing the solar system in their spaceship, which looks like a giant, red motorcyle. Throttle is steering --the controls (3 of them) look like the handlebars of motorcycles-- with Modo relaxing on his left, and Vinnie standing on his left, leaning agasint a wall, his arms crossed.

    (Note: In this issue only, Vinnie --who is suppose to be white-- is colored yellow, probibly for blonde. In the other two issues, Vinnie is white.)

    The three are talking about the war on Mars, and Vinnie tells the others that he misses the action.

    Just then, their ship --A Cycladrone Thunderpipe-- is hit by a purple, shark-like Plutarkian ship.

    (Note: The Plutarkians on board call the Mices' ship a Martian Cycladrone Cruiser, but on the show, they call it a Cycladrone Thunderpipe.)

    Vinnie fires at the Plutarkian ship --by leaning out of the door and shooting a hand cannon. But the enemy ship fires again, and knocks the weapon out of Vinnie's hand and knocks Vinnie back into the ship. The Plutarkians fire again, and the Thunderpipe heads for a crash landing on Earth.

    The Mices' ship crashes into the Wriggly Stadium scoreboard in Chicago. The Mice mount their bikes and crash out of the scoreboard. They first land in the ballfield, then head for the exits.

    In the corridor Vinnie has choosen, he comes across a teenaged punk robbing a hot dog vender with a gun.

    (Note: In the cartoon, it was a crowbar.)

    Vinnie, riding hard toward them, snatches the gun from the punk's hand. He tosses the weapon into the air, then zaps it with a laser on his bike. This scares the punk, and he runs off. The vendor thanks Vinnie, and the white Mouse rides off to rejoin Throttle and Modo.

    (Note: In the cartoon, the vendor gives Vinnie a hot dog. Vinnie rides off, but returns and asks in a British accent, "Pardon me, but do you have any Grey Poupon?" The vendor hands him a bottle of mustard, which Vinnie squirts on the hot dog. He tosses the bottle back at the vendor, and rides off laughing.)

    At Limburger Tower, we meet Lawrence Limburger, a disguised Plutarkian. Limburger is planning to dig up Chicago and send the dirt, water, and other resourses to Plutark. Limburger than sends Greasepit to buy the Last Chance Garage, which he says is the best place to start.

    Back with the Mice, the three are riding along the streets of Chicago, when Throttle's bike starts acting up. "Busted gyro," according to Modo. (Throttle makes the call on the show.)

    By lucky chance, they come upon the Last Chance Garage. Inside, Greasepit is giving Charley Davidson a hard time about selling the garage.

    (Note: Charley is more red-haired in the comic. On the show, she's closer to brown-haired. Kind of auburn.)

    She ends up slipping on an oil puddle --one of Greasepit's-- and he's standing over her.

    Vinnie makes his appearence, leaning against the doorjab and looking cool. Greasepit is clearly larger and bulkier than Vinnie, but the Mouse is unfazed. Vinnie tries the "swing on a rope" bit, but also slips on an oily spot. Greasepit asks the immortal question: "What are youse...A man or a mouse?"

    He gets his answer when a boot crashes into a boarded-up window (it was glass on the show), and in come Modo and Throttle, helmetless. (They wore their helmets on the show, and took them off when they crashed in.) Modo answers, "Mouse." Throttle adds, "You got a problem with that?!"

    Greasepit makes the mistake of calling them "rats", to which Modo, especially, takes offence. His good eye blazing red, he aims his arm laser at the oily thug. Throttle wraps his tail around Greasepits legs. Modo fires, but at a rack of tires, which fall over Greasepit. Throttle then whips his tail like a top, and Greasepit ends up laying on the floor. Vinnie kicks him out of the door, where he lands amid some trashcans.

    There is a roar of motorcycle engines as three bikes ride up to Greasepit. Throttle's tire barely misses the thug's face.

    Throttle: Take a message back to your boss for us. Tell him that the Biker Mice from Mars are in town!

    Vinnie: Yeah! And the party's over!

    Modo: 'Nuff said? (Classic Marvel Comics line.)

    (Note: In the show, the "And the party's over!" line was also said by Throttle, tacked on to his line.)

    (I would LOVE to have this last page as a poster! The three Mice dominate the page. Charley is in the background, at the door of the garage, but the three Mcie are front and center, and huge! Vinnie is a little back and on the left (Throttle's right), and Modo is on the ride, also a little back. Throttle is in the center and forward, astride his bike --a black and chrome classic Harley-Davidson Softail-- his left arm raised high with a defiant fist.)



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