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    Character » Biggs Darklighter appears in 48 issues.

    A childhood friend of Luke Skywalker, he flew an X-Wing during the Battle of Yavin but died during the mission.

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    Biggs Darklighter was born on Tatooine to the wealthy moisture farmer Huff Darklighter. As a young man, he befriended Luke Skywalker. The two would frequently race landspeeders and skyhoppers, developing into exceptional pilots. The two planned on attending the Imperial Academy together, but Skywalker's uncle insisted he stay on his farm.

    At the Imperial Academy, Darklighter was trained by Soontir Fel, and became friendly with Derek "Hobbie" Klivian. Following an encounter with Rebel Alliance agents on the planet Bestine IV, the two began to question their loyalties. Following their graduation from the Academy, the two would coincidentally be assigned to the Imperial frigate Rand Ecliptic. Discovering that the ship's captain was a Rebel spy they had previously met, Darklighter and Klivian planned a mutiny that would allow them to defect to the Rebellion. After officially joining the Rebellion, the two became X-wing pilots, and met another young pilot named Wedge Antilles. A series of successful missions led all three to be assigned to the Rebel's main base on Yavin IV. Darklighter would make a brief return to his homeworld, where he told his old friend Luke Skywalker that he planned to join the Rebellion - concealing the truth that he was already serving with them.

    A series of extraordinary events would bring Luke to the Yavin IV base, where he too was assigned as a starfighter pilot. Skywalker, Antilles, and Darklighter flew with Red Squadron during the Battle of Yavin, making the final attack run on the Death Star. Although Skywalker managed to destroy the battle station, his closest friend was killed when his fighter was destroyed by Darth Vader's prototype TIE fighter.

    In later years, Biggs' cousin, Gavin Darklighter, would serve the New Republic as a pilot in Rogue Squadron.


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