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    A North American Creature whose very existence is shrouded in mystery.

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    Native American Legends speak of a legendary Hairy Man, a tribe of giants who inhabit the forests and swamps of North America. Tales told of their power, and always spoke of caution and respect.

    Tales of ape men who abducted and impregnated woman, stole misbehaving children and other such tales were widespread from the Pacific Northwest of Washington to the swamps of Florida.

    When Europeans invaded the Continent, sightings of the creature occurred sporadically, mostly in the Pacific Northwest and in Canada. British Columbia in particular was a hot spot for strange sightings.

    Then, in California in 1958, a amateur filmaker captured a piece of footage that changed everything. The Patterson-Gimlin film, a controversial film whose authenticity has been harshly debated since, sparked more sightings of the creature.

    Some are hoaxes. Some are mis-identification. But then there are some where one wonders....

    Can everyone be mistaken?

    What are they seeing?

    Could it be real?

    In Comics

    As a legendary creature who may or may not exist, Bigfoot has appeared in several comics. Alpha Flight, Marvel's Canadian hero team, has a member who turns into a Sasquatch, and he was even once replaced by a real Sasquatch.

    The Bionic Man has also entered conflict with the legendary monster, who has a far less natural origin


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