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    Jackson Weele is a villain who travels around through means of a giant wheel he himself created. Hence the name Big Wheel.

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    Jackson Weele developed his 'Big Wheel' to help him out of being blackmailed. However, his hunger for power led him to accidently drive in to the Hudson River and seemingly drown.

    Major Story Arcs


    He appeared years later, seemingly fine because the Big Wheel he drove around in was watertight. After his first big fiasco as a supervillain, his wife walked out on him, and he went to prison. He attempted to go straight and attend Villain Anonymous meetings. One of his steps was to make amends with those he wronged, chief among them was Spider-Man himself, whom he tried to kill years before. He tried to help Spider-Man capture Stilt-Man, but failed, causing the Stilt-Man to get away. He later helped Spider-Man apprehend the Shocker, but he only did so accidentally after his Big Wheel rig got out of control and accidentally ran him over. If not for Shocker's costume, he'd have been squished flat.

    A life of Crime

    He later, for reasons unknown, returned to criminal activities, having to be captured by Spider-Man and Iron Man.

    As of now, Jackson is back in a more jagged version of his Big Wheel machine and is joined by others to kill Ghost Rider.

    Other Media

    Big Wheel appeared in the Spider-Man the animated series episode "Rocket Racer".

    He also appeared as a boss character in Spider-Man: Mysterio's Menace and an assist character in the PSP and PS2 version of Spider-Man: Web of Shadows.

    A 2099 version of Big Wheel appears in the Nintendo DS version of Spider-Man: Edge of Time as a boss. Big Wheel here is a cyborg from the torso down who pilots a high-tech, sleek wheel. He challenges regular Spider-Man, who is stranded in the 2099, and is defeated.


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