Big Tony

    Character » Big Tony appears in 134 issues.

    One of Harley Quinn's tenants in Coney Island, whose appearance may or may not be inspired by one Glenn Danzig.

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    Big Tony is one of many friends Harley accumulated when she moved to New York. Tony keeps an eye out for all of them, working to protect and fight when needed. Tony also reluctantly accepts keeping an eye on the animals Harley accumulates, as despite her best intentions, Harley does not always provide the animals the care that they need.

    Among the large group of Tony's friends are Goat Boy, Red Tool, Egg Fu, Poison Ivy and the large secondary team 'Gang of Harleys'.

    Tony has a life outside of Harley, which includes headbutting competitions with other friends at the local bar.

    Major Story Arcs

    Gang of Harleys

    For more information see: Harley Quinn And Her Gang of Harleys

    When the Gang of Harleys seems to need a test, Harley Quinn convinces Big Tony, Eggy, and Goat Boy to help her fake her own kidnapping. The three go along with the plan but are soon caught when Coach bugs their conversation with Harley. But later, Big Tony is just surprised as everyone else when Harley is kidnapped for real by Harley Sinn.

    Big Tony stays with Coach while the Gang checks on their loved ones, and later when Coach learns they are all safe. Big Tony then goes with Coach to see Richard Brand, Harley Sinn's father. Big Tony tries to bully Mr. Brand into telling him where Sinn is hiding but in the end it Coach's pleas that change the man's mind.

    Later on the Island of Horrible Death, Sinn's private island compound, Big Tony goes with the Gang to save Harley Quinn. He personally kills several of Sinn's Sinndicate soldiers. He then heads back to New York when the Gang rescues Harley Quinn and stops her army.


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