Big Titania

    Character » Big Titania appears in 3 issues.

    Big Titania is a character seen within the Marvel/DC Amalgam Universe cross-over series. She is an amalgamation of Big Barda (DC Universe) and Titania (Marvel Universe).

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    Big Titania was once a close friend of Diana Prince. They all participated in the Secret Crisis and managed to save the universe, but not before the love of her life, Scott Free, was killed.

    Scott's death filled her with hurt and rage and she eventually joined Granny Harkness' Female Furies.

    When Diana Prince and Trevor Castle were sent to Apokolips as part of Thanoseid's plans, Big Titania attacked and subdued Diana, turning her over to Harkness. She eventually realized she was fighting on the wrong side and attacked her fellow Furies giving Diana and Trevor a greater chance to rescue their son.

    After the battle, Thanoseid used his omega beams to send Titania to New Asgard.


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