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Terry tried to get Bruce to give Charlie a second chance, giving him a security job in a Wayne/Powers warehouse, Charlie took advantage of his 2nd chance, but not in the way Terry had hoped, and instead set up a robbery, During the robbery that Terry stopped as Batman, Charlie was exposed to a mutagenic compound and was transformed into "Big Time". Terry later was fooled by Big Time into thinking he wanted to be cured, but soon discovered Charlie was lieing and preferred his new mutated form. Terry as Batman defeats his former friend, and Bruce attempts to console Terry by telling his about Harvey Dent.

Big Time returns to Gotham and is working for a small time hood called the Major who has aspirations to become the crime lord of Gotham. Big Time convinces Terry that he wants to go clean and is willing to work with the police to bring down the Major in exchange for a cure to his condition. Big Time is actually using Terry to get the Major arrested so he can take over the Major's crew.

Big Time's plan works but Terry is a loose end. Big Time tries to kill Terry but Bruce followed Terry and knocked out Big Time with his reinforced limo. Terry jumps into his bat suit and fights Big Time on the Kane Bridge. Their struggle causes the both of them to fall off the Kane Bridge. Terry grabs Big Time by the hand but his massive body is too heavy for Terry to hold. Terry looses his grip and Big Time falls to his supposed death.

Big Time was presumed dead after falling off the Kane bridge. It turns out Big Time survived his fall and was placed in the newly designed Arkham Asylum since the original asylum was left to rot like an open wound. Big Time was present when the mayor of Gotham paid a visit to the asylum and suffered from what seems like a normal cardiac arrest.

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