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Big Shot was created by Simon Furman and Lee Sullivan


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Big Shot is a mercenary hired by the Undertaker to eliminate Death's Head. In his first attempt he was thwarted by Short Fuse, another assassin hired by the Undertaker's rival Dead Cert, whose mistimed explosive actually ended up saving Death's Head by lightening the load of his vehicle.

Big Shot's next attempt went much the same. Death's Head was pursuing the fugitive Photofit and this time Short Fuse's blast threw Death's Head out of the way of Big Shot's shot. Big Shot pursued Death's Head but once again a bomb placed by Short Fuse stopped him by knocking him over. The chase continued until, ironically, Big Shot was hurled from a building by one of Short Fuse's bombs that inadvertantly killed both himself and Photofit.

The Body in Question

Big Shot still wanted to kill Death's Head but was unaware that he had been transported to Earth-616, first to our era and then to the future year 2020. He followed Spratt to a meeting with Pyra, Death's Head's creator's consort, and listened in on their conversation until Pyra tried to kill Spratt. He stopped the fight saying that he needed Spratt alive, giving Spratt time to escape. Big Shot grabbed onto the escape vehicle, the DH II, and Pyra opened a portal to where Death's Head was, having picked the location from Spratt's mind.

Arriving in the year 2020, Big Shot and Death's Head fight, with the NYPD getting involved. During the fight Big Shot blows his own arm off trying to kill Death's Head while also digging the fingers of his remaining hand into Death's Head's eyes. Before Death's Head dies of brain damage Big Shot is pinned to a wall by energy from Pyra who has just arrived. Pyra takes Death's Head and sometime later we see Big Shot laying on the ground forgotten either dead or unconscious.


  • Had his right arm replaced with some sort of high powered laser or plasma gun.
  • Superhuman strength
  • Superhuman durability

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