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    Grendell`s Mother

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    In Demark around 500 AD Grendall and his unnamed mother was attacking and eating the men of Heorot. King Hrothgar, King of the Danes,requested help from Beowulf (possibly Gilgamesh or Bloodstone) to help sly the beast. Beowulf did but angered Grendall's mother who herself was slain by Beowulf. In reality she was magically imprisoned underground by Beowulf. The prison appeared under Los Angeles having drifted across the planet for centuries.

    Major Story Arcs

    Captain Marvel

    Freed by Merlin Demonspawn who spilled the blood of 100 virgin in a comic book store. Big Mother was about to devour an employee when Marlo Jones started an argument between Merlin and Big Mother. Merlin wanted her to find the Holy Grail for him but she refused. Captain Marvel (Genis) arrived and fought Merlin while Big Mother withdrew. She briefly met Moondragon and also met Rick Jones' former boss Mordecai Boggs who invited her to join his wrestling promotion F.W.W. promising her she would eat her opponents... alive.

    Fear Itself

    Big Mother can be seen as one of the demons at The Infinite Embassy, more precisely she was at the Devil's Advocacy, inside the Embassy, arguing with the other demons who should be the true Satan. 

    Powers and Abilities

    A large and powerful shapeshifter, Big Mother possesses superhuman strength and durability. Aside from being a shapeshifter Big Mother also has limited size changing abilities additionally as well.   

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