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    Big Mom is the captain of the Big Mom Pirates and is one of the Four Yonko, and the only female member. Her real name is Charlotte Linlin. She was the final Yonko to be mentioned and seen. She resides on a island in the New World called Whole Cake Island. She has a love and craving for anything sweet.

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    Big Mom is a round, obese woman with a chin often hidden by her torso. She has an enormous physique, towering over the 9'1" Brook and able to hold his body in one hand as well as Jinbe, a three-meter tall fish-man. Even as a five-year old child, Linlin was already massive to the point she was mistaken for a giant, and was as tall as giant children. She has moderately round, orange eyes, prominent eyelashes, and wears thick purple eye-shadow. She has a very wide mouth with full lips sporting red lipstick, large, round teeth, and a long, thick tongue that often sticks out. She also has long, curly, and wild pink hair that falls halfway down her back,[ as well as a beak-like nose, and plump, round cheeks.She also sports a tattoo on her left shoulder and arm, consisting of a large, standard-shaped red heart framed by thin lines curled at their bottom ends, which all tops a far smaller heart.

    Big Mom wears a large pink bicorne hat bearing a jolly roger on the front. She has worn two versions: the first design consisted of a standard skull with crossbones behind it, as well as large flame-like patterns to the sides, whereas the current version, named Napoleon, has two crossed sabers instead of crossbones, possesses smaller lateral flame patterns, and is imbued with her soul, causing its skull to change expressions and talk to Big Mom. On its (Napoleon) top, the hat is edged with a thick yellow streak, it has a strip snap-fastened to it,and beneath it is a light, polka-dotted bandana fastened around Big Mom's head. Big Mom also dons a pink dress with red polka dots and white ruffles on its neckline and hemline, with a wide, rippling white cape attached to its back that falls to the ground. The outfit is completed with dark blue high heels, one turquoise pearl wristband on either wrist, and golden, jeweled rings on all her fingers.


    Big Mom is a extremely unstable, greedy, and gluttonous pirate who loves to eat sweets above all else and has all the islands under her external protection pay her with metric tons of whatever kind of confectionery or pastry they can produce. Big Mom has a peculiar eating disorder where, at seemingly random times, she becomes destructively fixated on a specific food item and goes on a crazed rampage in search of what she wants to eat. While in this state, she will kill and destroy everything in her path — including her castle, her subordinates, and even her own children until she receives the food she wants.

    She is very jolly when in a good mood and enjoys celebrating the fulfillment of her ambitions with song and dance, but her cheerfulness is tempered with horrendous malice and brutality, as for every tea party she held, Linlin sends her subordinates to specific places to plunder unique ingredients for her tea party, while also ordering them to massacre as many people as possible while robbing the ingredients, causing numerous people to end up dead or viciously brutalized in the process.


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