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Big Hero 6 #1

In the first issue of Big Hero 6, we meet Hiro, who reminds me of a Digi-Destined (is that the right term?) He does the usual kid stuff, except he's more intelligent, part of a superhero team and has special glasses... 
Hiro is completely unaware that he is being watched by a woman who seems to be rather jealous of his knowledge of computers. Who is she? You'll find out later on in the issue. 
Hiro is part of Big Hero 6, a superhero team that stops bad guys running amok around Japan and other Superhero related stuff. Cheesy? Yes. Awesome? Definitely. Giant robots, a superhero chef and a girl called Honey Lemon. What's not to love? 
 Also, I feel the need to mention that when I got to the middle of this the middle pages came away from the top staples. So (die-hard comic preservers look away) , I sellotaped it. :) 
Artwork: 5/5. 
Page Feel: 5/5

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