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    Leader of the Teenage Kix.

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    The leader of the Teenage Kix is a loose reference to DC comics Dick Grayson/Robin. He has superhuman strength and the ability to fly. He appears to be a bi-sexual pictured enjoying sexual favors of both genders. He is, for all his faults a natural leader and controls his teammates through a variety of leadership techniques. He has had an ongoing affair with both team members Shout Out (no longer with the team) and Dog Knott. He is very confident about his and his teams abilities, the beating hey received from The Boys took them completely by suprise. During the conflict he was the first casualty recieving a vicious headbutt from Billy Butcher, caving in his face, breaking his nose and apparently knocking out several teeth. It can be surmised from the speed of Billy's attack Big Game does not possess any significant super human speed.

    Big Game, much like other superheroes, is extremely hedonistic and has a big sexual appetite, as a frequent visitor of brothels. And like many superheroes in The Boys universe, having sex with a non powered person can result in them suffering from internal bleeding and injury.


    Big Game is a Dynamite Entertainment character created by writer Garth Ennis and artist Darick Robertson. Big Game first appears in the The Boys #4 released in 2006. Big Game is loosely based on Nightwing, with his similar uniform and a similar type of respect showing towards him by his teammates.

    Powers and Abilities

    Big Game possesses super strength and super durability courtesy of Compound V. Big Game appears to have some degree of tactical and leadership experience, directing his team during combat


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