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    Character » Big Daddy appears in 16 issues.

    Damon Macready resented his previously boring life and began training to become a vigilante. During his tenure he who operated alongside his daughter Mindy, who he named Hit-Girl.

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    Damon McCready was an accountant living a boring and repetitive life with a wife who hated him and a daughter whom he cherished. Relying on his love of comic books, he sought to be someone who made a difference against crime, fancying himself as a real life superhero vigilante. To this end, he began to train both himself and his daughter in every lethal field of combat known to man. He brainwashed her with a fictional origin story that stated her mother was killed by frustrated mafia soldiers led by John Genovese, thus creating a motive and a target for both of them. He named himself Big Daddy and his daughter became the katana wielding butcheress known as Hit-Girl. Whilst he was training her, he began his war on crime, spending ten years fighting criminals prior to his allegiance with Kick Ass.


    Big Daddy was created by Mark Millar, his first appearance was in Kick-Ass #4.

    Story Arcs

    Kick Ass

    Big Daddy trained his daughter as the ultimate killing-machine and both of them kept messing with Johnny G's business. Some time later, father and daughter contacted Kick-Ass and tried to team-up with the young hero. Big Daddy convinced Kick-Ass to abandon his previous anti-killing ethics if he was going to ally with him against the mob. However, they were betrayed by Kick-Ass's friend, Red Mist, who turned out to be John Genovese's planted son.

    The Italian mobster tortured McCready and shot his daughter. Thinking she was dead, Big Daddy finally gave up, confessing he was nothing but a comics nerd who made money by selling back issues of comics he had collected over the years. Drowned in tears and remorse, he was executed by Johnny G's men.

    Hit Girl

    Though Big Daddy is dead, Hit Girl still has dreams and flashbacks to when he taught her to escape handcuffs under water and other such fond memories. Later after Hit Girl kills several thug that threaten her, Marcus and her mom, she talks to Big Daddy's spirit who tells her kill the rest of the Genovese family all in one night.

    Powers, Abilities, and Weapons

    He wore an improvised combat suit and a trench-coat while fighting crime. His weapon of choice was a customized Colt M1911 handgun. He is also seen briefly using a customized M16 to shoot a gangster through the head in issue 5. On the cover of issue 4, he is seen with a blood splattered chainsaw, though he is never seen using it in the series itself. He also may have carried improvised smoke bombs, but once again, he is never seen using them in the series.

    Kick-Ass: The Movie

    Nicolas Cage as Big Daddy
    Nicolas Cage as Big Daddy

    In the recent adaptation of the comic, Big Daddy was played by Nicolas Cage. He wears a Batman-like costume with Kevlar reinforcement and is highly skilled with all manner of weaponry. In combat, he uses A Beretta 92 handgun, a collection of combat knives, and several hand grenades. He also acts similar to the Adam West Batman, with the same speech patterns.

    It should be noted that this version of Big Daddy has an origin similar to the comics, and unexpectedly, it turned out to be true. There was a slight change with the addition of Marcus Williams, a fellow cop from his days in the NYPD.


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